About Us


Who are we?

Athletic Volition serves individuals seeking a highly-qualified, respected and certified coach to help them achieve their athletic goals in the sport of triathlon or any of the disciplines of triathlon individually.    Additionally, Athletic Volition conducts classes, clinics and camps for those seeking a group experience.  Athletic Volition serves all of Texas and surrounding states.   


A certified Coach that you can trust

Owner and Head Coach,  Chris Gescheidle, is a veteran and a retired police officer.  Chris is a Certified Running Coach by the Road Runners Club of America and a Certified Swim Coach by the American Swimming Coaches Association.  Chris has also received  his certification as a Level I  Triathlon Coach by USA Triathlon and his Level I*  Cycling Coach certification by USA Cycling.  He is also a Certified Personal Trainer by The Cooper Institute (Dallas, TX).  He is also trained and certified in CPR and First Aid.  

 Additionally, Chris adds the certification of Bike Skills Instructor to his resume!  Chris is one of only a handful of USA Cycling-certified instructors in this arena!   

* = Please note that USA Cycling levels of coaching are opposite of USA Triathlon.  Level 1 in USA Cycling is the highest achievement, a certification only few people obtain!


A certified Coach with experience

Chris began his athletic endeavors while serving in the United States Air Force.  Having experienced the trials and tribulations of being a fat kid, Chris decided to abandon his old unhealthy lifestyle and change his life.  It ended-up saving his life, he suspects. 

Chris started running.  Soon the running became racing and the racing spilled-over into triathlon.  All along the way Chris soaked-up as much information as he could from health articles, sports columns and of course, multi-sport coaches.  He started coaching in early 2002 as a part-time employee of Life Time Fitness.  He led the Running Club and soon was asked to teach triathlon classes.  Once he retired from his primary employment, he launched Athletic Volition.

"I wanted the name of the company to reflect all aspects of people's endeavors," Chris said of the name Athletic Volition.  "Instead of a name reflecting only 'tri' or 'run,' for example, I wanted an all-encompassing name so that people knew I wanted to help them no matter what their pursuit, he explains.  Good thing, too, because one of his first coaching successes was training a 40 year old male quadraplegic to national competition in swimming!