Coaching for swim, bike or run

Professional Coaching for all levels, anywhere in the world

Our background is in the sport of triathlon.  Even so, we love teaching people how to participate, train and excel in any one the disciplines of the sport:  swimming, cycling and running.  If you are interested in only one discipline, that's great.  Our certifications and education cover the gamut of all aspects.  We continuously keep up with the latest training technology and education.  That way we both stay competitive.

Along with our continuing education, we also have at our disposal the most up-to date applications for analysis.  This includes video as well as software to evaluate data in real time and in to the future (AI).  Wouldn't you like to have a training plan that can predict your outcome?  We have it.

Our coaching includes a day-to-day custom training plan so you know exactly what to do each and every week.  It is written and shared in an on-line calendar format that helps the coach and client see what is prescribed, what has been done and what resulted from that day's workout(s).  The client and coach can also assimilate data into charts, graphs and spreadsheets to evaluate progress.  No matter where you are in the world, we can train together.

Many people have benefitted from our coaching services.  Wouldn't you like to be next?

Are You Ready?

When you're ready to discuss your options, just let us know.  We can talk about your goals and  your options to achieve those goals.  

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