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One of the unique services of Athletic Volition is the Bike Skills Clinic.  This hands-on, on-your-bike training day takes new and veteran cyclists through drills and riding games that make anyone a better cyclist.  A must for those racing crits and cyclocross, the Bike Skills Clinic also helps triathletes gain a better understanding of their bike's potential and improves performance.

Bike skills are something that we believe are learned and not inherent.  Those of us who entered the world of cycling through triathlon probably learn to ride from our fellow triathletes.  In doing so we miss a lot of opportunity to become proficient on our bikes, thus missing out on power and endurance to be faster and less tired.

In my opinion those high speed cornering techniques we want to have are best learned at slower speeds.  The skills needed to become comfortable at high speeds are learned through recognizing your balance on the bike as you learn to drive the bike, not just steer.  So we spend a lot of time going over drills to challenge our senses so that we are comfortable balancing the bike at almost any angle, speed and maneuver.  Therefore, you learn how to be more efficient.

The Advanced Skills Clinic is devoted to racing.  Whether you are new to racing or just want to improve your ability to race or ride in a pack, this class has you covered.  in this class we cover drafting, pacing, passing, breakaways and attacks.  The day ends with a fun game of "Garbage Ball," a fun way to put together all of the skills learned in the Basic class and the Advanced class.

After about five dozen Clinics given in the last seven years (in Richardson, Midland, Odessa, Abilene, Austin, Lubbock and New Braunfels), I've yet for one student say to me, “Yea, I didn't need this class; I didn't learn anything.”  In fact, here are some comments from past students:  

"Here's the deal: More and more people are getting in to cycling. Yet most people do not have a venue to "learn" cycling: skills, safety, technique, riding in traffic, etc. Most of us learned by "on the job training".   The problem is that we all pick up bad habits that eventually become how we ride.  The other thing is that we all have well-meaning friends who "teach" us the wrong way to ride.  I believe that most (cyclists) would welcome the opportunity to learn "cycling 101".  You also are very easy to follow. You explain things well - no pressure, no shaming."  -- JA

"Thank you so much for the class! I not only learned a ton, I had a great time! Thanks for making it feel so easy and helping us while we had fun!"  -- LG

"Thanks for the encouragement.  The clinic was awesome.  Thanks for making it fun and informative.  I'm riding today, so will be practicing my new skills!"  --  LR

Thanks for taking the time to hold this clinic for us.  I know everyone, no matter how long they have been cycling, picked up some very good info so they can be a safer cyclist."  --  RF


"Thanks for an amazing afternoon of fun and learning -  Top notch!"  --  SD

We are happy to bring a Bike Skills Clinic to you.  We are available to offer Clinics in Texas and New Mexico.  Call for details!

Bike Skills Clinics cover:

Bike Handling Skills 

Avoiding Obstacles

Wet weather riding

Bunny Hops



And more!

Basic Maintenance Clinics

One other class that we have to offer is the Basic Maintenance Clinic.  In this informative 2-hour class we cover the basics of do-it-yourself bike maintenance.  Don't pay others to work on your bike; learn how to do it yourself!  You will earn how to clean your bike and drivetrain, change a flat tire, safely and easily remove either wheel for a tire change or maintenance, how to adjust your brake and shifter levers, what tools you need to have on a ride and more!  
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